William Forster

Oulton House
Oulton House, where the Forster family lived and worked, is the large house with the triple doorway.

Brampton is no stranger to the violin making tradition. Between the early 1700’s and 1801, Oulton House in Brampton was home to the Forster family. John Forster, believed to have been born in ‘Ayont the Wood’ near Longtown into a reiver family, was known as a maker of spinning wheels and fiddles. His son William Forster followed in his footsteps. John Forster’s grandson William II also became a violin maker but moved to London in approximately 1759. It is the work of Willam Forster II, which since her Glasgow days, has inspired the way Cornelia carves and finishes her scrolls.

A 'cello scroll by William Forster II