Violin making Classes/tuition

My weekly Violin Making Classes in the Craft Hut at Brampton Community Centre have been running successfully since 3rd April 2014. Everyone works at their own pace, some people work at home as well. Already some of the violins are taking shape. Some pupils are now working on their scroll, some have already bent the ribs and linings, some have jointed the two halves of their front and back and started carving. Most importantly, everyone is enjoying working with the violin wood and with the specialist, high quality tools. I have been most impressed with my pupils' ability to focus and with the quality of their work. I don’t push for fast work, I do encourage high quality workmanship. After all, you may spend 3 - 6 years making your violin, but the finished instrument may well be looked at and played on, for many generations.

Tools in the classes are supplied by me but if you would like to do some work at home you need to get some of the basic tools yourself. I will help you with buying wood but the cost of materials is extra to the course fees. If you have no experience of woodwork, that is not a problem, there will be time to practice the skills you need.

Extra classes in Brampton on alternative days and times may be arranged.

I have also been co-tutor since 2007 at the residential Violinmaking Weekends at Halsway Manor, Somerset. These intensive classes take a maximum of 10 pupils to two tutors. If you are interested in any of these classes, please contact me for more details. We can then arrange for you to visit a class to see what we are doing and to try out some tools.

Eileen proudly standing beside her Rebec. The maple body has been painstakingly hollowed out of a solid block. Eileen's pine front has now been glued on using a hedgehog clamping block.